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Visit Client Websites Below. Nothing says it better than examples. "A Picture is Worth A Thousand Words."
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Atlanta Household Organizer | De Clutter Homes | Clean Out Clutter

Hi Gail,

Just a note to let you know how much I appreciate all that you’ve done for me. When we met, you offered to look at my website and said to me, "I can help you by improving this site" and I took you up on your offer. You did an amazing job. The professional and affective site has increased my business incredible. There are no words that really can tell you how thrilled I am with your work.

I had a perspective client call me this past Monday telling me that she kept looking and looking for someone to come and help her get organized and after looking at a lot of websites, she saw mine and called me immediately. Her comment was, "No one’s website said it just the way yours did, in simple language, easy to understand and it hit all the buttons that I was looking for".

Thanks again for a job VERY WELL DONE !!!


 Well Coiffed Closet | Megan Evans NYC Wardrobe and Image Consultant

"If it weren’t for Gail Gupton, my website would still be a standard uninteresting blog on Twitter.

Gail was able to recreate exactly what I wanted for my website and along the way taught me how to post things and do SEO for myself. That is a feat considering I’m not technologically minded.

Gail is easy to work with and will listen to your needs and make them come to life on the web. I highly recommend her."

Megan Evans, Founder of The Well Coiffed Closet


Ace DUI School and Defensive Driving Classes, Marietta GA

"Shortly after starting my fourth defensive driving & DUI/DWI school, I contacted Ms. Gail Gupton about doing a web site for my school. Not knowing what I wanted, or needed, I simply told her just start and I would tell her what I liked or didn’t like each time she got a segment done. Had I been more helpful, or knew what I needed, she could have probably done it in a couple of weeks. As it unfolded, it took about three weeks.

Nevertheless, when she finished it was great. I was doubly impressed and I don’t get impressed very much. Within three or four days, my business doubled and within a month had more business than I could have ever expected. She kept the site up to date and when ever I needed something done, it was taken care of the same day.

I would highly recommend her services to anyone who needed a web site. She is knowledgeable, trustworthy, and her customer service is beyond reproach."

"Ace" Allen
P. O. Box 1714
Woodstock, Ga. 30188

I’m a small business website design company in North Metro Atlanta Ga. I offer content management websites built with WordPress that are easy for you to maintain yourself, but I will also maintain the website for you, if desired.

I specialize in affordable $300 web sites with 5 single pages. Each site includes a contact form, a custom designed header that includes your logo, and I’ll design the site in the colors of your choice. The site will be SEO (Search Engine Optimization) ready, based on searchable keywords that we brainstorm together.

You may put 2 graphic images on each page (client supplied). Additional pages over 5 are $50 each. Sidebar columns run $100-$300 dollars, depending on the content in the sidebar. Scripts are ala carte, as are additional photos/images. E-Commerce sites are intense to build and are negotiable.

I design your website based on our agreement. If you don’t know what you want and keep making changes after it’s created, the fee is $45 per hour, as is custom artwork/images. I’ll create images or you can provide digital stock images at no additional charge on pages over five. It helps if you can sketch out your layout before I get started.

Some people go to a cheap online site that offers template-based websites (as advertised on TV) and are then disappointed that they have no traffic to their website. These companies give you a cheap template site customized by color and stock images but fail to give you anything else. BEWARE! One always gets what he/she pays for.

FYI: There are billions of web sites and millions of them are your competition. Even locally owned businesses can have thousands of local sites as competition. How are you going to get visitors to YOUR site? And, when they come, how are you going to get them to ACT (buy, read, download, order, etc.)? These are things a template-based site design will not offer.

I take pride in every web site I design. I’ll work with you personally to give you an effective site and offer advice on how to make it work for you.

There are three ways to get traffic to a web site: 1. Buy it  2. Borrow it  3. Build it. It’s called "MARKETING". If you hire me to create your small business website, I’ll explain each traffic-gaining method so you can best decide how to go forward with your site.

Don’t expect to build a website and then have it sit, expecting a "Field of Dreams". You would be "dreaming" for sure. It just doesn’t happen in today’s online marketplace.

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